11 NHL Teams Without a Stanley Cup

11 NHL Teams Without a Stanley Cup – Ultimate Guide

The NHL teams without a Stanley Cup are 1. Buffalo Sabres 2. The Florida Panthers 3. Vancouver Canucks and 8 others

The Stanley Cup is a trophy given to the victor of the Stanley Cup, an annual playoff that marks the end of the National Hockey League season. The Stanley Cup, the oldest trophy that may be won by professional players in North America, was originally presented during the 1892–1893 season.

What is the history of the Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup didn’t always belong to the National Hockey League (NHL). It took the NHL until 1926 to gain full control of this prestigious competition, and this change happened when the league altered its original name, formerly known as the National Hockey Association.

Now, let’s take a step back, about 30 years before that crucial moment in 1892 when Lord Stanley of Preston introduced the Stanley Cup competition to honor the best hockey team in Canada. What’s fascinating is that back then, the trophy only cost $50, quite a bargain compared to today’s $23,000 version.

In the early days, the competition didn’t include playoff games, unlike what we see today. It wasn’t until 1894 that the Montreal A.A.A. defeated the Montreal Victorias in the very first Stanley Cup Playoff game.

Moreover, during those early years, any team could challenge for the trophy at any point in the season. However, in 1912, with the formation of the National Hockey Association (NHA), a significant change occurred. The NHA decided that the Stanley Cup would only be up for grabs at the end of the regular season, contested by the reigning champions.

11 nhl teams without a stanley cup
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Stanley Cup: Teams Seeking Their First Win

The tantalising possibility of winning the renowned Stanley Cup is presented during each NHL season. But for a sizable portion of the league’s teams, this opportunity is still out of reach.

Hockey’s most prized award has changed in its 131-year existence, but a limited group of six teams has continuously dominated. Since 1916, the NHL’s Original Six clubs have won an incredible 64 Stanley Cups between them. The Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and New York Islanders have all added to this heritage by winning five, five, and four championships each.

However, despite these victories, a significant portion of the NHL has yet to taste championship success. Even making it to the Stanley Cup Final is still a significant obstacle for some of these clubs, and they have yet to bring the coveted Cup home.

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What NHL teams have never won a Stanley Cup?


There are 11 of the 32 active NHL teams without a Stanley Cup. The Vancouver Canucks and Buffalo Sabres, two of the 32 current NHL teams still in existence, are the longest Stanley Cup-less teams (52 seasons each). It has been 55 seasons since the Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup, breaking a tie with the New York Rangers.

List of NHL Teams Without a Stanley Cup Win

#TeamYear Established
1Arizona Coyotes 1971
2Florida Panthers1993
3Vancouver Canucks1970
4Columbus Blue Jackets2000
5Buffalo Sabres1970
6Winnipeg Jets 1999
7San Jose Sharks1991
8Ottawa Senators1992
9Minnesota Wild2000
10Nashville Predators1998
11Vegas Golden Knights2017
List of NHL Teams Without a Stanley Cup Win

What are the oldest NHL teams without a Stanley Cup?

That’s precisely why claiming a Stanley Cup has remained an elusive dream for numerous NHL teams. In this competitive arena, only one team can emerge victorious, and for those that come agonisingly close but fall short, there’s no assurance that another shot will come their way. It’s a capricious pursuit, yet it’s the kind of unpredictability that keeps fans of the sport enthralled. Now, let’s take a look at the oldest NHL teams without a Stanley Cup.

5 oldest NHL teams without a Stanley Cup

Here are the Top 5 longest Stanley Cup droughts, including some prominent teams as well as a few that have come agonizingly close several times.

  • Arizona Coyotes: 44 Years
  • Philadephia Flyers: 48 Years
  • Vancouver Canucks: 52 Years
  • Buffalo Sabres: 52 Years
  • Toronto Maple Leafs: 56 Years

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Recent NHL teams ending long Stanley Cup droughts

Over the past few years, several NHL teams without a Stanley Cup have finally broken their long-standing Cup droughts.

  • For instance, the Chicago Blackhawks endured a 47-year wait before clinching the Stanley Cup in 2010.
  • The Los Angeles Kings had to be patient for 43 years before their victory in 2012.
  • The Washington Capitals also found themselves on this list, but things changed when Alex Ovechkin and his team secured their first-ever championship in 2018, ending a 43-year dry spell.
  • Similarly, the St. Louis Blues managed to remove their name from the list of Cup-less teams in 2019 after a staggering 51-year gap without a Stanley Cup win.
11 NHL Teams Without a Stanley Cup
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Final Thoughts

Consider the Stanley Cup the ultimate trophy in the hockey world. It’s got a history that’s more thrilling than your favorite action movie, and it’s been around for over a hundred years. Imagine that it started as a simple $50 prize, and now it’s worth millions—kind of like turning pocket change into a mountain of gold!

Now, think of some teams, like the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs, as the superheroes of hockey because they’ve won this amazing trophy many times. But here’s the catch: there are 11 teams in the NHL without a Stanley Cup. Teams like the Vancouver Canucks and the Buffalo Sabres have been patiently waiting for over 50 years. Patience is their superpower!

That’s the beauty of the Stanley Cup – it’s the dream that keeps every team and fan going. It’s the ultimate prize they’re all after, and it’s the history they aim to create. So, keep rooting for your favorite team, and who knows, one day, they might just script their own incredible Stanley Cup story!

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