Hockey Teams In Ohio

Hockey Teams In Ohio: An Easy Guide

Hey there, young sports fans! Did you know that Ohio is not just about football and basketball? It’s got a super cool hockey scene that’s worth checking out. In this article, we’ll take a fun journey through Ohio’s icy world of hockey, from big-league teams to college games and everything in between.

Does Ohio have a hockey team?

Yep, you bet! Ohio is proud to have some awesome hockey teams for you to cheer on, and we’re going to tell you all about them.

1. The Columbus Blue Jackets

The coolest pro hockey team in Ohio is the Columbus Blue Jackets. They’ve been playing in the big leagues since 2000 and have had some really exciting moments in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Hockey Showtime: The Blue Jackets even won a big championship in the 2019–2020 season. Imagine how awesome that must have been!

2. Nationwide Arena

Now, picture this: a massive arena right in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, called Nationwide Arena. It’s where the Columbus Blue Jackets play their games, and it can hold over 18,000 fans! That’s a lot of cheering.

Live and Loud: If you get the chance, go watch a game there. The energy in the arena is incredible!

3. AHL Teams

But wait, there’s more! Ohio loves hockey so much that it’s not just about the big leagues. There are also teams in the American Hockey League (AHL), like the Cleveland Monsters and the Cincinnati Cyclones. These teams help get players ready for the NHL.

Winning Moments: The Cleveland Monsters even won the Calder Cup in the 2015–2016 season. That’s like the Super Bowl of AHL hockey!

4. College Hockey

Guess what? Ohio’s colleges also have their hockey teams! Teams like the Ohio State Buckeyes, Miami University RedHawks, and Bowling Green State University Falcons play some cool games.

College Stars: The Ohio State Buckeyes, in particular, have done super well in big college tournaments. They’re like the rock stars of college hockey in Ohio.

5. Youth and Amateur Hockey

Now, for all you future hockey stars, Ohio has lots of ways for kids like you to get into the game. There are special leagues, teams, and tournaments just for young players. Ohio wants to make sure there are plenty of chances for you to learn and have fun playing hockey.

Start Playing: So, if you’re interested in playing hockey, there are so many cool ways to get started. Just ask your parents or your school, or check out the Ohio Amateur Hockey Association website.

FAQs: Hockey Teams In Ohio

1. What’s the Columbus Blue Jackets’ best moment in the NHL?

The Blue Jackets had a super exciting moment in the 2019–2020 season when they won their first-ever playoff series. It was a big deal!

2. How many championships have Ohio’s AHL teams won?

The Cleveland Monsters won the Calder Cup in the 2015–2016 season, and the Cincinnati Cyclones grabbed the Kelly Cup twice, in the 2007–2008 and 2009–2010 seasons. That’s a lot of winning!

3. Which Ohio college hockey team is the coolest?

The Ohio State Buckeyes are like the superheroes of college hockey in Ohio. They’ve been to the NCAA Frozen Four many times and won a bunch of conference championships.

4. Are there any famous NHL players from Ohio?

Absolutely! Ohio has some hockey superstars like Jack Johnson, Brian Gionta, and John Moore. They’ve made Ohio proud with their amazing skills.

5. Can I watch Ohio’s hockey teams play live?

Totally! You can catch the Columbus Blue Jackets playing in Nationwide Arena. You can also watch AHL games with the Cleveland Monsters and Cincinnati Cyclones. Plus, there are college hockey games happening all over the state.

6. How can I start playing hockey in Ohio?

If you’re itching to hit the ice, Ohio has tonnes of ways for kids like you to start playing. Just ask your parents, check with your school, or visit the Ohio Amateur Hockey Association website for all the information you need.

7. Is hockey popular in Ohio?

While hockey might not be the biggest star in Ohio’s sports galaxy, there’s a bunch of fans who love it. Over the years, more and more people have started cheering for hockey, making it a cool part of Ohio’s sports scene.


So, there you have it, young sports enthusiasts! Ohio’s hockey scene is like a hidden treasure waiting for you to discover. From big-league excitement to college rivalries and even chances for you to play, Ohio loves hockey, and we think you will too. If you’re ever in Ohio, make sure to catch a live game and feel the awesome passion that makes this chilly sport so much fun!

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